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Seed Coating

Seed Coating is a process designed to produce a nutritious surrounding in the direct vicinity of the sprouting seed. This gives a “boost” for the seedling in its vital initial stages of development.

What are the benefits of Seed Coating?

Seed coating assists the plant in its crucial seedling stage, helping it to become established in the soil and resist disease and the elements. Once the fertilizer coating has been incorporated into the plant, its job is done! What remains is a strong, resilient plant that is more likely to grow and remain healthy.  

Our products protect and nourish the seeds and are incorporated into the coating.


We are known for coating canola, soybeans and alfalfa, however we offer custom seed coating to meet the unique needs of our diverse portfolio of clients.

Seed Cleaning

Seed Cleaning is the elimination of any debris, seeds of inadequate quality, infected seeds, or seeds of a different species.

We clean and treat a variety of seeds but our specialty is canola, soybeans and forages.

Seed cleaning is both an art and science, and we have worked hard to master both. The combination of our modern technology, unique precision treatments, quality controls, and tailored processes, result in squeaky clean seeds that are ready to plant and grow.

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CUSTOM Packaging

Kletke Seeds can adapt to the many different packaging needs of our clients. Including SeedPacs and Proboxes to bulk bags, mini bulks, paper or poly bags 10 kg to 25 kg, seed count/unit weight, Kletke Seeds can package, palletize and wrap your product. Our state-of-the-art equipment will provide a consistent and perfect package every time. All bags are neatly stacked on pallets and wrapped in plastic.


Temperature is one of the most important environmental aspects that affects seed viability and strength during storage. Seeds are living organisms and are sensitive to hot, cold, dry and humid atmospheres. At Kletke Seeds Farm, we have a precise storage facility for bulk and packaged products, with our monitored storage temperature year-round.

Our carefully monitored temperatures ensure that seeds survive and retain their germination efficiency once planted.

  • Storage of bulk product
  • Industry leading temperature-controlled storage
  • Volume of storage to ease with shipping
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Seed distribution involves working with partial loads and pallet breakdowns.  We will be introducing a warehouse inventory management system in the fall of 2021.

We’re a local company with a global reach.

Our international shipping safely transports your seed to any city, country, or continent.

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