We are an industry leader in producing high-quality seed for customers across the globe. Our promise to you is simple: the very best seed and service, on time and on budget.

Quality seed. Exceptional service. Innovative solutions.

Kletke Seeds is an award winning North American leader in high-quality seed coating and seed cleaning. Our modern facility uses the latest technologies to provide customers with the highest quality products, and to meet their custom packaging and storage needs.

Our innovative, precision treatments are effectively designed to use the least amount of active ingredients, reducing the impact on the planet and helping farmers across the globe feed the world.

What we do

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Seed Coating

What we’re known for! We take pride in our custom seed coating process that’s been an industry secret for decades.

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Seed Cleaning

Let us do the dirty work and we’ll make sure your seed is ready for the growing season.

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Climate-controlled Storage

Regardless of the season, our geothermal climate control guarantees your seeds are kept at the perfect temperature.

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Seed Distribution

Seed distribution involves working with partial loads and pallet breakdowns.  We will be introducing a warehouse inventory management system in the fall of 2021.

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Custom Packaging

Big or small, we specialize in packing and shipping your products wherever they need to go.

Our innovative processes and technologies have been uniquely designed to deliver quality products with accuracy, consistency and precision.

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Kletke Seeds’ proprietary coating methodology ensures a consistent and uniform product. State-of-the-art machinery reduces the risk of mechanical damage.

Seed is sampled at various locations through to packaging. Quality controlled sampling provides customers with confidence in our packaged seed. Our personnel are ISTA Authorized Samplers and CFIA Authorized Exporter Samplers.

We store packaged seed at the optimum temperature in our climate-controlled warehouses. Geothermal heating and cooling maintain a constant temperature, winter or summer.

Exceptional Service

Our customers have relied on our exceptional service providing a consistent and quality product for over 30 years . From our dedicated staff who receive your order to the production team that processes the product and our warehouse staff who safely place the product on transport trucks, you deal with people who care.

Our experience and attention to detail, from receiving the order to our post-delivery service, is the best in the industry. Year after year, our staff provides timely service that exceeds our clients’ expectations. Truck drivers comment about our clean facility and the skill and speed with which we load their trucks.

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Kletke Seeds anticipates the needs of our clients, providing a consistent quality product. Our continuous improvement program has our team constantly finding better ways to provide our service. Our management system provides quality controls that are monitored by our team of experts.

Our computerized maintenance program and our preventive maintenance program ensure that our equipment will continue to provide the best possible product to our customer. Our team of experts are continually measuring and monitoring both our product and our processes, looking for any opportunities for improvement.

At Kletke Seeds, we take pride in our quality products and the quality experience we extend to our customers.

Our Accreditations

Authorized Exporter Seed Sampler
Authorized Importer
Approved Conditioner/ Bulk Storage facility Canadian Seed Institute (CSI)
Authorized Importer (CFIA)
Authorized Grader Exporter (CFIA)
20/20 Seed lab- authorized seed sampler
Authorized Exporter
Approved Conditioner/ Bulk Storage facility Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
Authorized Exporter (CFIA)
Accredited Warehousing Standards Association


  • I really appreciate Kletke Seed Farm’s ability and willingness to accommodate outside of the box and last-minute production requests.

    Corteva Agriscience

  • You did many things well last year but one thing that really stood out was prompt response on product inquiries and being cooperative/supportive on investigating and improvements.


  • Great communication, very respectful staff, very keen on quality, and not afraid to take on new challenges.  Very satisfied with the work the team at Kletke Seed Farm does for us.

    Corteva Agriscience

  • “Glenn and employees demonstrate positive attitudes and are a pleasure to work with. Kletke Seeds has shown a willingness to improve processes and equipment to ensure the highest quality of product.”


  • “Everyone is extremely helpful and accommodating – your attention to detail is top notch…”


  • Quick response to inquiries; timely & good communication…

    Dow AgroSciences

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Kletke Seeds

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